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Social Studies task

Social Studies task                                                                                                                                        Francis Tobias, 9.4                                           

Elizabeth Society,

The Elizabethan er reigned from 1558 to around the year 1603. This period was associated with Queen Elizabeth. It is said that this was the period of the Golden age, in English History. This was the outbursrt of Enligh poetry and literature. This was when the Elizabethan theatre flowered and the outsounding Plays of William Shakespeare and many other poets made a mark in English History. This period was the exploration and expantion of English poetry, literature and plays.

Romeo and Juliet,

Romeo and Juliet is based upon a love story. It was first based by an Itlain tale, ” The Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet by Arthur Brooke in 1562″. Which then wasrenditioned by a well known poet and play composer, William Shakespeare. This was when the play sprung to life, calling it “Romeo and Juliet”. This play was one of the landmarks in the career of William Shakespeare.

The love story Romeo and Juliet is  story of 2 people, Romeo and Juliet, catching each other’s eyes and dall deeply in love. It is Brought to thier intention that they are both engaged. On the Wedding day of Juliet, she dinks a poisen that makes her fall to sleep. In doing this she hopes that everyone at the wedding is to believe that she is dead, so that she would be shipped away to be with Romeo. Romeo is told about this sad tragedy and kills Juliet”s fiance, believing that he was the cause of her death. Romeo cant stand to live with his Juliet so he kills himself elaving a scar on everyones heart. Juliet is soon to wake up where she finds Romeo had been deceased. Juliet is heart broken where she also takes her own life. Juliet couldn’t stand being with out Romeo.

The Globe Theatre,

The Globe theatre was a home for alot of William Shakespeare’s plays. It was a theatre in London and was well associated with William Shakespeare. The reason why is beacause it is the place where William Shakespeare performed most of his plays. The Globe Theatre was built by William Shakespears’s play company (The Lord Chamberlain’s Men) and was finalised in the year 1599. It was later destroyed in the year 1613, June 29. It was cause bya fire. Another Globe Theatre was rebuilr up on the same site as the previous one in June and close down in the year 1642. In memory of William Shakespeare, a modern more suffisticated globe theatre was built 230 metres away from the orginal Globe Theatre that was built in the year 1599. It opened in the year 1997 and was named Shakespeare’s Globe.

Relevance & palys to the 21ist century,

Most of William Shaspeare’s plays have a big relevance to todays societ. Not just William Shakespeare’s but many other poets have done relative plays. The only difference would be the language and and technology used back in there days.

Individual Task 4

1) The Dalai Lama is head of the Buddhist and Tibetan people. About 14 million Buddhists think that the Dalai Lama is a God, but he does not consider himself as a God, but sees himself as a teacher to all. He says that if you do good in your life now, your next life that you will live a good next life. If you had a bad life, your next life will be a bad one.

2) Because he has said that if these riots continue in countries like his own and his own people being involved in these such riots, he is willing or prepared to resign from his job of being the Dalai Lama therefore showing an ideal moral integrity.

Cst/Ist – Individual Task 3 – 09/04/08

1) Define the term ‘moral integrity’.

Moral integrity means a complex and a delicate ethical notion.

2) Describe why Maximillian Koble is regarded as a Chirstian of exemplary moral integery.

The reason why Maximillian Koble is regarded as a Crhirstian of exemplary of moral integery because, he was a matyr and he died for that man who nearly died from starvation. And also he was imprisoned by the German Gestapo and he was transferred at Auschwitz in 25 May and he was prisoner number #16670.

3) Outline Maximillian ethical actions/principles that he demonstarted in Auschwitz.

Maximillian ehtical actions and principles when he demostarted in Auschwitz was that he died as an martyr, and he was the 20th-Century martyr. The reason why he replaced the soilder who is starving is because he said that he was old and useless, and comparing to Maximillian and the dying soilder that the dying soilder had a wife, and kids. And also he was young and he didn’t want to die so Maximillian replaced him. And the German soilders took granted of Miximillian’s actions. And also on the clip that he was moved to cell 13 and then they poisoned him. So therefore in my statment, he died as a martyr.

4) Evaluate whether you think he made the right decision and provide research to support your answer. i.e. Catholic teachings.

In my own point of opinion, Maximillian has made the right decision to die as a martyr. Because he was Christian and also, he made the monastery in japan. And also during the time when we was still in starvation he led the men in songs and prayer. Then after the 3 weeks, he was murdered with a injection of carbolic acid. Then he was canonized by Pope John Paul 2 on October 10, 1982.

Ist Cst – Journal Entry 9 – 8/04/08

1. A Digital Media means a soicety that is spreading news in different ways. For example radio, magazines, television, newspaper etc.

2. The digital media that has been used in the last 5-10 years is radio, magazines, televison, newspaper and blogs. Then it evolved into other media types.

3. The reason why digital newspaper is popular is because people are tend to go on the internet and check on the news, and also the layout of the newspaper suits where people would read.

Cst/Ist: Journal Entry 10 – 05/04/08

1.  The reason why youtube would advertise digital medias because consumers are more interested in electronics than non electronic products.

2.  The way that they have collaborative about the media is because people might copy other people’s ideas and take it as their credits.


Cst Ist – Journal Entry 7 – 2/04/08

1.  A person’s conscience means there is a teaching of themsevleves that their own mind says if its right or wrong.

2.  On a moral decisions, a religous person would know that they have to think right instead of the wrong stuff. And for conscience they have their own choice if its a chance if its a wrong thing to do.

Special Project – Journal entry 4

1. I will achieve finishing the interview and then merge it and give it to my team leader.

2. To achieve it, i have to do an interview about the cast.

3. Website designer and Interviewer.

Catholic Studies – Journal Entry 4 – 01 04 08

In the newspaper, there would be an team. An Editor, Reporter, Journalist and a Designer.


 And editor is someone who edits work from the reporter and the journalist. They have to check the work if it’s true and correct any mistakes.


An reporter’s role is to research any recent past events happen and then collects infomation on the interviews, public records and etc. They can either be on radio or television. Or sometimes on magazines and newspaper.


The journalist’s role is to give their infomation to the reporter. Just like the reporter, they research about the recent past events, but they have to travel somewhere at the suitable scene to present and research about the infomation.


The designer’s role is to get all of the infomation from the reporter and the journalist. They create magazines and newspaper and being creative.

Catholic Studies 2 – Journal Entry 8 – 28 3 08

1. You are on a train coming home from a day at the beach. The train stops at a station and a group a youths get on the train and start bashing an elderly ethnic man. You notice people getting off the train.

What will i do? I will tell the people to stop atacking him, but if i can’t do it i will defend him because he is agaisnt the odds, because it is unfair that he is the only one who is getting attacked by these alot of youths.

2. You get a message from a girl that you are interested asking you to come over her house. When you get there a number of her friends are present and they say they are bored. One of them promotes the idea of going for a walk and causing a riot. At first you tell them “No way”. However, the girl you like states that “she will like you more if you go”.

What will i do? I rather not to go for impressing the girl, because it is for my own safety. And also, for other people’s safety. But i will think of the punishments will you get caught.

Social Studies 2 – Journal Entry – 28 3 08

1. How is your research going?

I haven’t started on my research, but right now we are suggesting what will we research now.

2. What do you know about imovie? What other mutlimedia possbillitys have you considered for your presentations?

No, i don’t know anything about imovie, but i use movie maker.